Our School Governors

Waterton Governance

Chair of Governing Body: Sue Nunns

Overview of the Academy Standards Committee

The Academy Standards Committee (ASC) is made up of Community Governors, Parent Governors, a Staff Governor, and the Headteacher. The ASC will meet formally approximately once per term and Governors will also carry out a range of monitoring activities which are documented. The general terms of the ASC are as follows;

  • To act on matters delegated by the Trust Board (TB) and Local Hub Board (LHB) as set out in the Scheme of Delegation
  • To report to the Local Hub Board (LHB) and other committees where necessary
  • To contribute to the Academy Improvement Plan
  • To consider safeguarding and equalities implications when undertaking all committee functions
  • To promote engagement with stakeholders, partners and the community

The Terms of Reference of the ASC sets out the detail of their key responsibilities within the following areas;

  • Curriculum planning and delivery
  • Assessment and improvement
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Governors are appointed for a term of four years, and must adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Sue Nunns - Chair of Governors

Samantha Thompson - Headteacher

Samantha Travis - Headteacher

Rob Hunter - Associate Governor

Jade Smith - Associate Governor

Carole Stevenson - Staff Governor

Steph Field - Staff Governor

Sue Hodgson - Community Governor

Monica Harper - Community Governor

Wendy Burton - Parent Governor

Sam Robert - Staff Governor

Sally Taber - Community Governor

Katie Gibson - Community Governor

Kel Greensides - Community Governor

Mark Cavill - Parent Governor