Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

Last half term our topic focus was learning about the importance of 1066 in English History. 


Last half term our learning has been a blend of in school learning and online learning. The children have continued to show great resilience in completing the work set. Topic – looked at the four contenders for the English throne in the middle ages and the impact on the country of the conflict between. Also how England changed during the reign of William the Conqueror. We also continued to build our mathematical and English skills through our topic work as well as direct teaching of Maths and English, including spellings.

 Our Class Dojo will restart soon.

Take a look at some of the fantastic learning we have done:

Last half term in the role of Norman ship builders we constructed a number of boats to take soldiers, men in chain mail, horses as well as ordinary Normans across the English Channel to conquer England. 

We are most proud of


This half term we will be learning about: the rainforests, its flora and fauna and the dangers it is experiencing. 

Our key Learning skills for this half term is: Critical and creative thinking.

We will be developing it by: thinking and discussing areas such as deforestation and how we might be able to reduce our impact on the world’s rainforests.  We will also continue to revisit, revise and edit our work to improve its quality. 

Our class book is: Hacker by Malorie Blackman

Our guided reading text is: The Eye of the Wolf by Daniel Pennac  

In Maths we will learn about: fractions, decimals and percentages.  

In English we will learn about: Writing to inform  – instructions, report writing, letter writing. 

In Science we will learn about: Living things and their habitat.  

In Topic we will learn about: This half term our focus is developing our geographical knowledge and skills by exploring rainforest. Looking at what makes a rainforest, their location across the world, the flora and fauna that live in them, the impact of deforestation and their importance to the world as a whole.

Computing – using programs to sequencing, reflection and repetition, as well as learning how to use presentation software. 


Homework: Learners in KS2 have weekly Multiplication and spelling tests on a Friday, (a spelling list is sent home at the beginning of the year) for their homework they are expected to prepare for this. All learners are also expected to be reading regularly at home and talking about the books (fiction /non-fiction) they have read. For every four books they read (each month) and record on the sheet in the reading area, they will get a 4 is the magic certificate. There will also be a homework project based on America.