Class 2

                                    Welcome to Class 2.

Last half term we were learning about: Toys

Our topic during the last half term was Toys. This had a science and design and technology focus. We completed lots of work on materials, finding out about the suitability of everyday materials for particular uses and explored ways to change materials by twisting, squashing, bending and stretching them. We investigated puppets and then designed and made a puppet. 

Well done to everyone who gained Class Dojo points during the last half term.

Take a look at some of the fantastic learning we have done: We thoroughly enjoyed our work on puppets, both investigating them and designing and making one of our own.


We are most proud of: Our approach to our work during lockdown when some of us have been working in school, and others have completed their work online whilst at home.

This half term we will be learning about: Animals

Our key learning skill for this half term is: Critical and creative thinking.

 We will be developing it by: Using logical reasoning in a range of contexts and thinking games.

Our class books include: Meercat Mail’ by Emily Gravett.

Our guided reading text is: The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson

In mathematics we shall be learning about: Statistics, using tally charts and pictograms, 3D shapes and money.

In English we shall be learning about: Writing to inform – creating information texts using headings to separate the information, including key facts and the present tense.

In science we shall be learning about: Living things and their habitats – exploring the difference between alive, once alive and never alive; identifying that most living things live in habitats that provide for their basic needs and finding out how animals get their food from plants and other animals.

In topic we will learn about: Animals – how animals live in different habitats to which they are suited and how they have adapted to the different conditions.

Homework: Children always have reading as part of their homework and are expected to read at home regularly. If they read at least five times in a week they reap the reward of coming to school in non-uniform on a Friday. In mathematics the children need to practise the number bonds to and within 10, initially and then use these to calculate number bonds to and within 20 . On a Friday the children also bring spellings home to learn.