Mill Dam

A place to learn, a place to grow.

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03 Dec

London Visit for KS2

07 Dec

Parent Voice

11 Dec

Christmas Fayre

12 Dec

KS1 Christmas Concert

12 Dec

Christmas Dinner

13 Dec

KS2 Christmas Concert

14 Dec

Carol Service at Church

14 Dec

EYFS Christmas Concert

17 Dec

Christmas Parties - All Week

20 Dec


21 Dec

Break Up For Christmas

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Welcome to Mill Dam School Ackworth

“At Mill Dam School, we are here to learn as much as we can!”

We do this by; Learning, practising and applying our core skills and understanding in a range of contexts and an applied curriculum. We provide low threshold, high ceiling activities to ensure the optimum learning outcomes. 

We question and use our learning skills to develop independence and perseverance. We work, play together and collaborate. We care for others and learn how to keep safe. We take responsibility for our own learning, for others and for our environment; in school, at home, in our local environment, our country and worldwide. We listen and contribute. 

We find the questions and solve the problems. We are accountable for our learning and help the teachers to know what we understand and what we need to do next. We learn how to enjoy our lives and future learning and how we can make a contribution to our economic well being.

We aspire to be the best that we can be.

Mill Dam